Recycled Plastic Cards

In response to the increasing concern with climate change we are frequently getting asked if we do recycled plastic cards. After much looking into this we just wanted to discuss the ins and outs of the production.

For us to recycle plastic cards is more of a challenge than it seems, as plastic card is comprised of the following materials;

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

Polystyrene (PS)

Corn-based polylactic acid (PLA)

As well as other compounds in smaller measures. (This is before adding a magnetic strip and inks into the mix)


Because they melt at different temperatures it is not only extremely difficult to extract and isolate  these materials but also putting them back together again in a process known as a polymerization is very involved in terms of both cost and energy.

This complex method means that that the environmental benefits would be negated by the heating and chemical energy used in this process. In short, recycling the cards could effectively double that of your initial carbon foot print.

So you see the quest for the for the elusive green card continues…or does it?


Our answer

At Impress we are concerned with what our customers want; we are constantly looking for new solutions and alternative products.

To celebrate Earth day on April 22nd we are launching our new paper plastic cards. Honestly, when this lovely product landed on our desks we couldn’t tell that it was paper (and we have been working in the print industry for several years)

They are paper cards; 720gsm to be exact and every other quality is the same, they are highly durable and can have any personalisation on  much like our plastic cards, you can even have a magnetic strip on there. The only difference being that they are 100 percent recyclable; so we aren’t fibbing when we say they literally grow on trees!

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