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Ever seen a sparkly label on the back of your TV or proudly displayed as part of expensive software packaging?

It’s more than likely going to be a Hologram label, a shimmering beacon of security and confirmation you are buying a premium product but most of important of all’s not fake!

Shimmering hologram labels Impress

There is a lot of work and investment that goes into producing a bespoke hologram label, it really is your fingerprint on a product. Layers of artwork are computer generated and laser printed onto silver, gold or clear self adhesive stock. Complex backgrounds are often incorporated into the design for further security and anti counterfeiting measures.

We have a few other tricks up our sleeves for security. Make your hologram label Tamper evident for no extra cost. It’s all in the name, if you try to pull the label off it will destruct! Hologram labels can also be produced with sequential numbering, ideal for the art and pharmaceutical markets.

Hopefully we have you thinking and wondering where can I use these Shimmering hologram labels? Our biggest demand is for packaging, this could be a mobile phone box, car parts and perfumes. Of course the list is endless and translate to promotion and security of  high value products.

One client that remains confidential applies our holographic labels to the body of a motorcycle and has an extra strong adhesive applied which repels all sorts of weather. We also supply a large car manufacturer who has a tamper proof hologram label that adheres to the inside of a window, it is printed in reverse so reads correctly from the outside.

Hologram labels can also be printed directly onto other documents including PVC cards and more interestingly degree and training certificates. Think about having holograms being produced in rolls for hot foil stamping this will give you lots of flexibility with printed products.

Shimmering hologram labels Impress


Order your hologram labels from Impress, our sizes start from 1cm up 9cm.


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