7 ways to use a Hologram sticker


One of the most common uses of adhesive Hologram labels is in packaging. They provide instant proof of identity and authenticity. Their tamper evident feature is second to none when it comes to preventing counterfeiting, not only does this make replicating difficult, but when removed it voids the surface of the packaging it was on and thus marks the product as unfit for purpose. Hologram stickers anti-counterfeiting quality is not only superb but it also makes for the most cost effective way of preventing fraud.

Because high end companies such as Microsoft and Dell utilise hologram stickers to showcase their brand, adhesive holographic labels have become an aesthetic in their own right synonymous with quality, hence many packaging designers are using hologram stickers to promote their own brands. It’s a cost effective way of providing the appearance of esteemed reputation and value.

Also, they provide new dimensions for designers to play with – literally. As designers are pushed to limits trying to find a balance between incorporating a minimal design aesthetic with maximum information, hologram stickers are increasingly utilised in a creative response to design briefs. The very nature of the multilayered hologram allows us to do this most effectively.

7 ways to use a Hologram sticker Impress

Pharmaceutical industry

We are seeing a real surge of anti-counterfeit packaging in the pharmaceutical industry – this is a response to the ever growing drug fraud industry which is considered by the World Health Organisation to be worth in excess of 25 billion pounds. With drug and packaging counterfeiting growing more rife than ever, large pharmaceutical companies are stressed at the importance to take extra security measures to emphasise their authenticity.

Serialisation is a method many pharmaceutical companies adopt in taking an extra step to ensure safety; laser engraved serial numbering can be applied to the hologram sticker to provide not only an additional level of authenticity and security for the end user but also manufacturers can use the track-and-trace method to pinpoint the exact location and distribution of the product.


7 ways to use a Hologram sticker Impress

General consumer goods

We are witnessing a boom of hologram stickers in the general consumer goods sector. This trend has caught on even with more everyday items such as food and wine. Not only does this increase their visibility and shelf-appeal, but similar serialisation methods can be implemented that helps products pass quality control. A latest trend is growing where shrink wrapped hologram labels are applied to wine bottles to defend against fraud whilst making sure the customer receives the goods fully intact.


7 ways to use a Hologram sticker Impress

Boost your brand!

With competition so high, adding a hologram sticker to your product packaging is a sure fire way to set your item apart from the crowd. Furthermore, they go with anything! Their silver yet colourful appearance means they they are at home in any packaging design, their mostly mirrored appearance means that they don’t clash with a certain colour scheme, yet they don’t look dull as they reflect a rainbow of colours in certain lights.

7 ways to use a Hologram sticker Impress


If you have ever purchased a premiership replica football shirt you may have noticed a hologram sticker with serial number proudly displayed on the front on the shirt. Well these labels can be applied to most garments and are applied with heat and will iron on most textile surfaces, we can provide samples for your testing. If you are selling T-shirts or Couture a hologram presence  assures your wearer it’s 100% genuine and worth paying the premium!


700gsm invitations with a holofoil logo, 1250gsm black corporate invitations with foil text and defraction logo. We cam also overprint the envelopes with matching holofoil. Many stocks available including colorplan and stardream.


Holofoil or holograms can be stamped or applied by hand on concert and theatre tickets. Fraud is a big issue with concert tickets

7 ways to use a Hologram sticker Impress

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