Can a Loyalty Scheme For Your Salon Boost Your Business?

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When it comes to attracting and retaining customers then there is always a lot more that Salons can do to improve matters. Having a solid customer base is important and one way of ensuring repeat customers is by using a great loyalty scheme. Whilst this might seem easy to implement a lot more goes into it than you might think.

Online Bookings

 In today’s modern age people want to be able to make appointments and schedule things around the clock and with a minimal amount of human interaction. This is where using a digital system can help. Companies like SalonIQ are producing systems for booking Salon appointments that can be easily added to existing businesses and websites. This is the first step in keeping customers coming back to your Salon. They even offer mobile apps that mean you can set regular appointments and get reminders when you need to make new appointments. The fact that everything is done digitally means that you can easily make it a part of your loyalty scheme as you will automatically have records of when customers attend.

Different Types of Schemes

 When it comes to rewarding loyalty there are many different ways of doing it and it can be implemented however you want. You could offer something as simple as a free haircut when the customer has paid for 5. You can make it about getting a gift once they have spent a certain amount of money. Or it could be that if they take certain treatments then they get others as a free add on. Having a good quality system in place makes it easier to implement the promotions and offers that you want. This is particularly good if you want to keep promotions distinct across stylists, or you want different stylists to be able to do their promotions.

Format of Rewards

 When it comes to being able to give the customer something for their loyalty then it is good to be able to give them something tangible. This helps to reinforce the fact that they have earned something and have been given a reward. This can easily be done in the form of gift cards. This has the bonus of being able to be sold to customers as well who want to be able to treat their friends or family to a treatment at your salon. You want a good quality company who can present high-quality gift cards that are well presented and then your customers will truly feel honoured. Impress can offer a wide range of styled high-quality gift cards and loyalty cards for any business. These will be a great addition to your Salon and will make your customers feel special. These also will help build your business are people can easily treat their friends and family and bring you many new customers. All this as well as rewarding the customers that you already have and keeping them coming back to you time and time again.

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