Hotel Key Card Holders

Extra high security RFID key swipes for hotels have grown in popularity; these days swipe cards are by far the number one way to access hotel rooms. They have grown in popularity with their extra high security magnetic stripes making for not only easier access to hotel rooms but also a far more reliable and secure system for entry.

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification – which basically means they are a contactless system for reading information.

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RFID – A History of the Technology

Its not only hotels, inns and the hospitality industry in general that hotel key cards are used. They can also be used in Spas, Leisure center’s and storage facility units.

Presenting your Hotel Key Cards

So you have your key cards all ready to give out, but you want to do so with style. Look no further! Our highly luxurious key card holders provide not only a highly practical solution to present your key cards, but are also super professional. They also can double up as a nice promotional piece highlighting your brand, you can also introduce your clients to other facilities you have which may include spa, dining and swimming pool. Want to create a buzz? – just add a link to your social media handles on so they can easily recommend you to their friends! All of our hotel key card holders are laminated on the front and back and uncoated on the inside which allows for your guests to write their names and contact details if necessary.

We have 2 key card holder options available to you.

  1. the first option has a pocket – this is perfect for neatly housing your key card. This option keeps everything together and you even have the added option of printing onto the flap should you wish.

Hotel Key Card Holders Impress










2. The second option includes a slot instead of a pocket which is just as professional but more affordable.

Hotel Key Card Holders Impress










All our cards are printed onto 250gsm silk board which is super elegant and you will never fail to impress your guests.

Furthermore we can print inside and out and have an in house design team who will be happy to assist you putting together your cards.


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