Why should I opt for a Metal Card?

The premium aesthetic of the metal card is relatively new. The first metal card was launched in 1999 in the United States with American Express and they reached our shores more recently with the branchless bank N26.

Since then they have risen in popularity. Customers love them and it really makes you look like a top high brow brand as you will inevitably stand out from the crowd every time your client uses their card (making for a sneaky way of advertising your name also! Bonus!)

So there are a few reasons why you would want to choose a metal card for your loyalty / membership cards.

  1. They are highly durable unlike plastic cards which snap very easily. For this reason they will last much much longer meaning you are less likely to have to replace them for your clients. They are made with steel alloy and so are incredibly robust and are guaranteed to stand the test of time.
  2. They look incredible and feel good also. Plastic has become a bit old hat so people are looking for alternatives, metal is one alternative with quality that cannot be ignored.
  3. This leads to the next point ; they make for a wonderful commodity and thereby become a status symbol – similar to a designer handbag or a pair of manolo blahnik a metal card will set you apart from the crowd and provide a feel good factor to your clients.
  4. They are easier to find when you are in a rush! Sick of going through your purse or wallet to find the correct card in order to make payment or claim loyalty points? Well, that is a thing of the past for your customers who have one of your metal cards, their contrasting finish and heavy feel mean that they can find your card in a hurry. This also has a psychological impact on your client on a subconscious level – they will associate your company with positivity since they will have a much happier user experience.
  5. What’s more there are many different colours and finishes to choose from!

Brushed Steel Silver Metal Card

Why should I opt for a Metal Card? Impress

This is perfect for extra slick and smooth finish. The design is perfect for VIP memberships. For extra finesse you can opt for a die cut of your logo.

Standard Metal Cards

Why should I opt for a Metal Card? Impress









With our textured finish you can banish the issue of problematic fingerprints showing on your metal card. They also have a nice tactile grainy finish. These cards are available in gold, silver or black.

Black Metal Cards

Why should I opt for a Metal Card? Impress

Black is the new black, and our black metal cards are very in trend at the moment – and why woudn’t they be. They give a very sophisticated and high quality appearance. Opt for white minimal text and logo to really emphasize your brand.

Copper cards are extremely popular at the moment, they are shiny but a little more unique than their more common counterparts gold and silver metal cards.

Die Cut cards

Choose a bespoke custom shaped metal card to really set you apart from the crowd. We can do a variety of shapes and if you are unsure you can inquire within.

Why should I opt for a Metal Card? ImpressIf you are curious about the different metal cards we have in store, you can request a free sample pack here

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