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Loyalty card scheme benefits for you and your customers

Membership Rewards programs have been very popular and successful.  Nearly every store and business has started to offer perks for their frequent visitors. offering savings on in store purchases simply by swipeing your loyalty card or having your key tags scanned.

We see what the benefit of membership programs are to consumers, but what benefits does your business get? There are many benefits to your business when adding membership rewards:


It actually costs seven times more acquire new customers than to keep existing customers.

  As technology has developed, businesses of all sizes have moved towards using printed plastic loyalty cards and key fobs. Using Magnetic strips, barcodes or even rfid contactless cards to more accurately track customers purchases, this has enabled them to make use of a rich source of data previously unavailable to them, thereby increasing profits.

For example, “coffee shop A offers a stamp card where customers  buy nine coffees and get their tenth coffee free. This scheme does not differentiate between whether a customer buys the cheapest or most expensive coffee, and it offers them a potential return of £2.05 on an expenditure of £18.45. 

By contrast, “coffee shop B” uses printed plastic cards in its loyalty scheme which converts spend into points more precisely, meaning that customers have to spend around £76 to save £1.95. This is a targeted loyalty scheme.

Plastic cards

Great value option with the widest range of options. From traditional credit card sized loyalty card to key fobs that can be carried everywhere. We even clever combination cards which allow you to issue both at the same time.

2 part plastic loyalty card

Metal cards

The ultimate in loyalty cards for your most valued customers. These V.I.P loyalty cards are made from stainless steel.  Using sequential numbers and barcodes to make you top tier customers feel truly special.

Plastic card printing with a range of options

Impress can tell you all you need to know about plastic card printing and how to order them. This includes membership, loyalty and plastic business cards.

The majority of plastic card printing uses 760mic PVC card, this means it’s nearly 1mm thick and is the standard thickness used for credit cards and loyalty found in your purse or wallet. 600mic and 450mic PVC is also held in stock. The plastic cards are printed in full colour and finished with various laminations, gloss (the most popular) matt, metallic and a brand new finish ROUGH MATT which gives a canvas feel, please don’t hesitate to ask for samples.

Artworking for plastic cards is a standard process and should be carried out using professional design software from Adobe and  Corel. Artwork to be supplied in PDF format with 1 .5mm bleed, so a 86mm x 54mm card with actully be 89mm x 57mm, allowing 1.5mm to be trimmed off. Fonts need to be outlined or converted to curves. It’s no problem to supply word or publisher files but we will have to work hard and turn them into worthy print files, costs apply! Of course we have full design team and can design from your brief subject to quote.

The standard plastic card measures 86mm x 54mm. Rather than a guillotine trimming plastic cards to size they need to be punched out with a mould commonly referred to as a die, if you need a non standard card size it’s likely we will have to make a new mould, hence extra cost. Impress does have some non standard PVC sizes in stock including a 2 part snap off card and oversize lanyard card

It’s common for a plastic card “to do something” normally connected to an <a ” href=””>EPOS system via a scannable barcode or magnetic strip, easy technology that Impress can offer at a very good price. Technology moves on further with contactless rfid cards, Impress stock Mifare rfid cards available for full colour printing, these are premium range, we can also supply cheaper compatible cards.

Plastic card printing with a range of options

Plastic cards can be solid white, clear or frosted, Printing on white allows full colour coverage. We print Pantone colours out of CMYK as standard but can also use a special Pantone ink mix for accuracy. Printing on clear should be minimal and of course one side only, looks great but not that practical due to scratches, although we do produce for a map reading company that lay the cards over maps, works well for them. Frosted cards can be a designers dream, mysterious and rare which no real issues printing one side

Anything we have missed? It’s yes to all these requests;

Holograms, Holofoil, Spot UV, Foil printing, Scratch off panels, complimentary packaging