Hologram Label printer, Hologram stickers

Hologram label printer on rolls or sheets, bespoke and secure

hologram printing

hologram label printer, hologram stickers

Impress is a market leader in Holographic label printing, our labels are used in high security environments and can be supplied in sheets or rolls.

The manufacturing process delivers spectacular results giving you a unique and secure identity.

Benefit from the same level of security as banks, law firms and currency printers.

Ordinary holograms – printed with up to four static layers on a gold or silver background that will shine and change colour with movement.

Dynamic Holograms – printed with up to four dynamic layers on a gold or silver base. Often with detailed patterns that appear to change shape and colour with movement,

Tamper evident holograms – the title says it all, try to peel the label off and it will partially destruct.

Artwork, sequential numbering, die cut shapes and sizes from 1cm to 12cm

Your Hologram label printer – Impress does it all

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