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Hologram Stickers (Standard)

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Product Description

Hologram Stickers (Standard)

Standard Hologram stickers are printed with up to 4 static layers on a gold or silver background that will shine and change colour with movement.

Our Hologram printing process delivers spectacular , sparkling results giving you unique and secure branding.

Holographic lables are suitable for high security environments such as banks or law firms and can be supplied with tamper evident option for product security.  Hologram stickers are available in sheets or rolls.

Standard Hologram stickers 1cm x 1cm up to 5cm x 5cm

Your logo securely printed on gold or silver stock, tamper evident at no extra cost. Supplied in sheets as standard but we can also supply in rolls for a small extra cost.

Artwork requirements:

We do most of the work due to the unique and secure method of generating a proof. All we ask for is 2 – 3 images that should appear on the hologram stickers. Please supply these a solid black layers in a high resolution.

The benefits of our bespoke hologram stickers are very obvious. Three-dimensional printing offers a secure image for your business or product and is very difficult to forge. When applied to products or documents they raise the bar of expectation and convey an air of importance.



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