art nouveau designs

Art Nouveau has long been one of my favourite styles, not just for design but also for art, furniture, antiques and architecture. I’m drawn to the organic lines and colours within the crafts which are gleaned from the natural world. So it was an absolute pleasure to incorporate this era into these designs I did last year for a bride who got married last month.

The main invitation is on cream matt lamination thick 600gsm card with gold encrusted edges to give a shimmery touch but in a very subtle and sophisticated way.

I wanted the colours to be on the muted side as I sought to be true to the nature of art nouveau. I believe these dusky pinks, warm yellows and luscious teals give an authentic feel to the invitation design.

Art Nouveau invitation with gold crust edges

I wanted the inserts to continue from the main invitation with the natural flourished corners and fluid line strokes. It was also a really good chance for me to have some fun and try out lots of different design concepts to show the bride before she picked these out as her favourite.

We decided rounded corners was the best option to compliment the circular design and organic strokes of the invitation.

Art Nouveau Wedding stationery set

The main invitation makes for a wonderful keepsake and a lovely surprise to come through any ones letterbox.

The main invitation has a muted colour palette to give it a classy feel.

This is the first time I used this particular stock and I’m really impressed myself with how the gold encrusted edges give such a glamourous edge which embellishes this particular style of card very well indeed.

Gold encrusted edges give an extra sophisticated finish to the cards and really ties in with the card design

The extras are all the same size and 140mm square to keep all relevant information concise and keep the overall design consistent,

Black and white borders continued with similar pattern to the main design really bring the invitation set design together.