art nouveau designs

Art Nouveau has long been one of my favourite styles, not just for design but also for art, furniture, antiques and architecture. I’m drawn to the organic lines and colours within the crafts which are gleaned from the natural world. So it was an absolute pleasure to incorporate this era into these designs I did last year for a bride who got married last month.

The main invitation is on cream matt lamination thick 600gsm card with gold encrusted edges to give a shimmery touch but in a very subtle and sophisticated way.

I wanted the colours to be on the muted side as I sought to be true to the nature of art nouveau. I believe these dusky pinks, warm yellows and luscious teals give an authentic feel to the invitation design.

Art Nouveau invitation with gold crust edges

I wanted the inserts to continue from the main invitation with the natural flourished corners and fluid line strokes. It was also a really good chance for me to have some fun and try out lots of different design concepts to show the bride before she picked these out as her favourite.

We decided rounded corners was the best option to compliment the circular design and organic strokes of the invitation.

Art Nouveau Wedding stationery set

The main invitation makes for a wonderful keepsake and a lovely surprise to come through any ones letterbox.

The main invitation has a muted colour palette to give it a classy feel.

This is the first time I used this particular stock and I’m really impressed myself with how the gold encrusted edges give such a glamourous edge which embellishes this particular style of card very well indeed.

Gold encrusted edges give an extra sophisticated finish to the cards and really ties in with the card design

The extras are all the same size and 140mm square to keep all relevant information concise and keep the overall design consistent,

Black and white borders continued with similar pattern to the main design really bring the invitation set design together.


pencil us in save the date

These adorable ‘pencil us in’ save the dates are a wonderful way to get your special day into everyone’s calendar!

We have several options you can chose from as shown below;

The first one features an engraved pencil with your personal details on. We have carefully picked out tree bark pencils so each one is completely unique.

They come complete with an a5 card holder with simple slots to fit the pencil. A personal note can be placed below.

These tags are the same concept, but on a smaller scale to give an extra cute feel.

These are heart shaped and tied with a little pencil.

wedding stationery - 3d invitation

For those of you who want to add another dimension to declaring your wedding date to your friends and family, these cards make for a wonderful surpise to come through the post. They provide a light hearted and whimsical way to send your message out.

These cards in particular were created especially with the couples favourite animals in mind.

The first one was made based on the brides personal obsession with fluffy kitties, and are loosely based on 2 of her cats called Geoffrey and Gertrude.

They are inspired by children’s books and my personal fondness of wildlife and fluffy creatures.

Although these are a few favourite creatures I’m open minded and can create any scenario, creature or character if you have one in mind.

The card itself is 350gsm satin finish on eggshell. I’ve found that this is the ideal way to highlight the gentle wash, delicate linework whilst
also being sturdy and robust enough to have a good longevity maintaining the the die cut shape stuck tight.

The 3D shape is die cut from coloured card chosen especially with the wedding days colour scheme in mind. It is thin card (300gsm) which is perfect to fan out yet also compresses enough to fit through a letterbox, in fact When flat the card is only 5mm in thickness!

As a standard package these card designs come with inner details 148 x 210mm which includes an RSVP slip at the bottom.

These cards are perfect for keepsakes who would like there wedding day remembered!